Onit’s ecosystem consists of:

areas of expertise
Onit | Icône - Triangle bleu et point rouge - Expertise en croissance


Onit | Icône - Barre rouge et triangle bleu - Expertise en finances


Onit | Icône - Demi-lune bleue et point rouge - Expertise en gestion des risques

Risk management

Onit | Icône - Triangle bleu et point rouge - Expertise en ressources humaines

Human resources

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Digital transformation


In short, Onit is a network
of dedicated experts working
in synergy with a shared vision:

in motion

is the key contributor
to business success.

Our vision, our values

At Onit, our partners all share a common vision and apply the same values every day. This natural synergy is what makes us truly strong.

We believe that success is something shared.
We believe in the well-being of local entrepreneurs.
We believe that innovation and progress flow from teamwork.


We make it our duty to bring together the very best.

More than experts, our partners are recognized as leaders in their respective industries.

Your win

Your business has access to the best expertise available, whenever you need it.


We build things together. Always.

The active collaboration between our team members, partners and clients generates innovations that benefit everyone involved.

Your win

Your business has access to turnkey services all in one place.


We are truly passionate about our work.

Our partners are driven by a relentless desire to set knowledge in motion and drive the success of local businesses.

Your win

Your business is working with people who are as passionate about their work as you are.


We honour our commitments. No exceptions.

Our promise: to deliver added value and help the long-term sustainability of your business.

Your win

Your business is giving itself two precious gifts – time and peace of mind.

Our advisory board

At the heart of Onit’s ecosystem are 4 very experienced executives – dedicated entrepreneurs and decision makers who know that surrounding oneself with the best people is the key to business success.

Arnau Déry-Therrien, CPA, CA, M. Fisc

Partner, LTDL

Frédérick Blanchette, CRHA

Partner, Solertia Consulting Group

Julien Halde

President and Chief Executive Officer, MXO

Benoit Cormier

Senior Partner, GLM Conseil

Our story

Onit is the product of a long-nurtured idea.

An idea that has evolved over the years while keeping the same fundamentals. We wanted to create a true one-stop shop of service on a human scale, giving entrepreneurs and decision-makers access to a full range of experts specializing in key business issues and opportunities. All this, while having a positive and tangible impact on the general economy and entrepreneurship here in Quebec.

2015 | Onit is founded

The fundamental building blocks of Onit came from an urge to help entrepreneurs go further and to offer them practical support. At that time, Onit’s founding-partners were primarily involved in FINANCE and RISK MANAGEMENT.

The goal was to offer clients an integrated approach that generates value through financial optimization and by covering often-overlooked risk areas — blind spots. Onit started assembling a team of specialized partners to deliver the complementary expertise required.

2016-2017 | Onit gains momentum

As the great manpower shortage was looming ahead, the HUMAN RESOURCE specialist firm of Solertia joined Onit, adding a key dimension to service offering.

Suddenly, a simple initiative had turned into a full-fledged operation. In 18 months, the number of partners tripled. Various successful entrepreneurs who shared a common vision began joining Onit’s ecosystem, making it well positioned to offer strong value-added solutions by leveraging their individuality and passion.

Collaboration accelerated within the ecosystem, developing the Onit concept of shared, diverse and complementary expertise.

2018-2019 | Onit gets organized

MXO joined the ecosystem, bringing GROWTH expertise. Several other reputable firms followed. Already, Onit generates significant results with some major corporate players, while raising its partners’ profiles.

An executive management team is established, and a permanent office set up, bringing a totally action-oriented structure. Synergies are nurtured, thus leading to the creation of new and innovative business tactics.

2020 | Onit in action

This is the beginning of a “triple win” business era with Onit focusing on win-win-win relationships amongst its ecosystem, partners and clients.

New and major expert partners are joining the ecosystem. The list keeps growing, but the standards of excellence remain unchanged. Also growing is the number of good companies that have turned into some of the best in their industry, using Onit’s services.

Our main partners

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How to reach us

Ready to move up a gear and turn your company into one of the very best?

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