Choose your initiatives and optimize your PACME–COVID-19 grant.

On April 6th, the Government of Quebec announced the establishment of PACME–COVID-19 (Programme Actions Concertées pour le Maintien en Emploi). This program will extend $100 million in grants to promote training and the proper functioning of businesses. PACME–COVID-19’s goal is to offer direct and generous support to companies experiencing a reduction in their activities due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19.

A panoply of training programs are sweeping the market

To date, a significant number of service companies have seen this as a business opportunity and have marketed their training programs, be they well-established or hastily put together. With so many options available, it is impossible for business owners to choose the right initiative that will be adapted to their specific context.

We are wholeheartedly with you in these difficult times

The Onit team has compiled the best grant-eligible offers from our 30 partner companies, covering 5 major areas of expertise: Growth, Finance, Risk Management, Human Resources and Information Technology. We are offering our clients a free informational session to help them choose the most promising initiatives and optimize their use of PACME–COVID-19.

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Benefit from our expertise

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